Poker and Salesmanship


I recently made a post on my Twitter account that said; “Poker is like sales; passiveness will occasionally earn commission; but only the outgoing, aggressive, cunning yet daring will be successful.”

If you ever find a job online you will soon find out that many of the positions are related to the sales profession. Well, most of us have the idea of ​​making a living selling commodities. Newsflash !!! As long as you keep playing poker you’re in the sales industry. Besides what I wrote on Twitter, think about this. Whenever you decide to play a hand you are trying to sell to your opponent. You will either offer them at a great price; or you will propose a deal that they just can’t take. Either way you are trying to persuade your foe to buy what you have to offer and eventually to give them all their chips dominoqq.

Also, take this into account, if your playing poker you are investing time; You are working on commission. If you’re unable to cash or make too many “sales”, you won’t get paid. Even worse, you won’t get back to the initial buy-in. Ultimately, a bank that sells your savvy will regulate your bankroll. Finally, another correlation between the two endeavors would be the fluctuation of the market. Occasionally the industry shifts and you may suffer a number of financial setbacks. You must adjust your strategy, identify the changes, and adapt. You need to stay one step ahead of the competition.

So, how can we become more effective salespeople at the poker table? How can you reduce variance druing down swings and increase profits? How can you handle all the rejection, missed opportunities, and bad beats? Here’s a closer look at how we can overcome this merciless effort.

Sell, Prospect, Sell – This is a high volume play that is genuinely about implementation. Here is an example: Imagine you can get ITM – In the Money 20% fof the time (1 in 5). If you only play one game each night then you will only make money roughly one time each week. You are probably still in the negative because you have to pay for all of the buy-ins. Now lets say that you are playing five tournaments each night. Now you are ITM every night, and hopefully one of those tournaments will be a great sale and you will have a great return on investment. It is important to learn how to play at a table once you have the volume to put in.

Client / Customer Services – Act like a professional while playing poker. When you are really annoyed, someone is talking at the table too much. There is a difference between being polite and being overbearing. We all hate the pushy salesperson and we all hate the jabbering poker player. The nice guy who’s around to keep people in love is having fun, they won’t attack them. However, players will do their best to remove a player that is irritating. Finally, when your nice and tend to believe your plays and bluff moves.

Yes vs No – Both poker players and sales people must have a thick spine. Rejection is a constant and if you cannot handle failure then you will not be successful. When someone says “no” or you take a set back. You will witness a large degree of unsuccessful opportunities, and the lack of success from negative emotions. It is very important to tell yourself poker 10 “no’s” to the 1 “yes”, but that one time it will be all the past bad experiences. It’s a three steps back, one jump forward mentality.

Remain Self-Assertive – Think About This: Which Person Will Sell More Vehicles, Expect His Office To Be Relaxed Or Could A Person Really Exercise It Too Much To Make A Sale Of Every Client They Can Talk To. The answer is rather obvious and just like in poker, how can you win a deal consistently? You cannot gain information or take down a hand. An opportunity for not sitting around. Make the opportunity come to you. Watch and learn their tendencies; locate their weaknesses, and exploit their style of play. Never be worried about taking chances, keep in mind that it is risk versus reward.

You must be more than a little sadistic to enjoy poker or sales. There are so many times you will come to a big commission and one negative set-back that will put the hours into investment. There is nothing you can do but recognize that it is part of the territory. Look forward to the future and realize that you are the only big payday away from one tournament.

I have a passion for poker, sports psychology, and self-improvement. If a person looks at the poker psychology they will only find articles on tilt & tell. There are so many emotions that can go into this game. When you’re on a low-confidence struggles, when you’re on a high-cockiness.

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