SNG Risk and Reward – Part 1 – A 10% Target ITM % and ROI%


The ITM % is dependent upon the mix of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and the mix of 1/2/3 finishes demanded for a 10% ROI are shown at the first table (you are able to increase finishes pro-rata for a higher ROI).

10 Player…9 Player

0- di 40-0….44.8-0 2-22-22.5….20-31 4-20-20.5….18.5-28.5 6-18-18.5….17-26 8-16-16.5….15.5-23.5 10-14-14.5….13.5-21 12 12 12.5….12-18.5 14-10-10.5….10.5-16 16-8-8.5…913.5 18-6-6.5…7.5-11 20-4-4.5…6 8.5 21-3-3.5…5.2-7.5 22-2-2.5…4.5-6 23-1-1.5…3.7-5 24.2-0-0….1st = 26.8

The SNG graph above shows you the different methods of achieving a 10 percent ROI from 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes of course, when you add up the percent values to each region you find the full total ITM% you want.

For instance, in 10-player events, in the event that you just finish 3rd every moment, you need to be ITM 60% of the full time for a 10% ROI. If you simply finish 2nd, then you need to be ITM 40 percent of this full time for a 10% ROI of course in the event that you merely finish first, 24.2 percent.

The table starts with 0 1st/2nd place and just 3rd place finishes, next is 0 1st/3rd place and just second place finishes, before increasing the first place finishes by 2% each time before the final row where 0 2nd/3rd place and only 1st place finishes generate a 10 percent ROI.

Even the next row assumes 2nd and 3rd places are equally split with a two% 1 st place finish and the second regions are gradually reduced to 0, with all the next place values being the total amount required to attain a 10% ROI.

How often you need to be ITM?

The solution is between 24.2% and 60 percent if you’d like atleast a 10% ROI (that is the minimum you should really be targeting ). The mix of 1/2/3 endings will determine how frequently you need to be ITM.

The top 30 percent (3 out of 10) of players are paid in 10 player events and the B/E ITM mix in matches is row 1 1, with a 18/6/6.5 mixture of finishes (30.5 ITM finishes in every 100 matches or 6-1 in every 200).

9 participant occasions

You can use the table for 9 player events by replacing the columns for second and 3rd place (1 st place is precisely the same for both 10 and 9 player events). The mix for row 1 1 would-be 18/7.5/11 for a 9 player event.

The top 33 percent (3 out of 9) of players are now paid in 9 player events and the B/E ITM combination in games is row 1-3, with a 21/5.2/7.5 mix of finishes (33.7 ITM endings in most 100 matches or 6 7 in every 200).

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